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Napa Winery Tours | It’s Not Just The Wine

By: Akos Fintor

Ah, Napa Valley… just the name is enough to conjure its breathtaking natural beauty and the vineyards which thrive in this region’s uniquely diverse micro climates. And of course, when one thinks of the valley, one immediately thinks of its wine. But there is more to a Napa wine tour than the wine itself. If you are an activity-oriented tourist, you will not be let down by visiting this World famous tourist paradise.

Napa Valley’s mountainous terrain and lush hills are something that a visitor have to see from the air. There are several hot air balloon operators offering many different tourist rides. The most popular tour is being the one hour balloon ride, taking off at dawn when the atmospheric factors are ideal.

Of course the number one way to take a tour in the valley is by going on a Napa limo tour. It enables you to go check out the wineries and also drop by Napa’s famous shops. If you are a shopper type, downtown of the city will surely give you the chills. You’ll find everything from the most sophisticated shops to the less fancy, more homestead-style little boutiques offering sweet deals on their products.

Those more artistically inclined will really admire the well established art galleries displaying their art for the wondering eyes and for potential buyers. Your own limo driver is also your personal tour guide, giving you a nice layout what’s out there, what’s worth seeing, where the best deals are in town. If requested, your guide will make recommendations on the best shopping spots, wineries, restaurants or on the best spas in the area if you are up for mud bath.

Perhaps men don’t feel spending the day walking around in a robe in a spa getting a mud bath and a facial treatment. If you are a golfer or always wanted to try golfing it can happen in Napa. However if you are more adventurous a bike ride in the valley’s spectacular scenery is recommended.

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